Floyd Mayweather mocks 50 Cent on Instagram, 50 Cent responds


World renowned retired Boxer, Floyd “Money” Mayweather has tried to sharpen up his beef between him and American Rapper and Actor, 50 Cent on social media after he took to his official Instagram page to mock 50 Cent concerning his recent decline in Album Sales. 50 cent in 2003 released his debut Album, “Get Rich or die Trying” this Album recorded a total sale of 15 Million copies, in recent years 50 Cent Album sales has seen a significant decrease in sales from 15 Million copies way down to 200 Thousand copies. Floyd Mayweather who saw it as an opportunity to mock 50 Cent took to his Official Instagram page to make it public. Floyd Mayweather posted a photo of 50 Cent Album sales chart which obviously shows a significant decline, he then captioned the post saying,

“50Cent went from selling 15 Million to 200,000 you talking about career being over”


50 Cent who saw the post, decided to behave mature but still responded to Floyd Mayweather’s mockery post by not mocking him back. 50 Cent posted a photo of himself on his Official Instagram page with a caption that read,

“Tell Floyd I said he won, he is the greatest of all time. And Nobody I mean Nobody can take that away from him. What he’s done with his life is amazing. Am done with all of the back and forth. Now Can someone please read this to champ. #positive vibes